Winter Weed Prevention in your Desert Landscape

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Now that the holidays are over, you have the chance to notice that the holiday season also kicked-off another weed season.  How did your low-maintenance desert landscaping become overgrown with so many nefarious weeds?  While we love and appreciate our winter rains here in Arizona, we do not have the same feelings for these resulting in little interlopers.  What kind of winter weed prevention can be done to save your pristine desertscape and prevent further disturbances?

Unless you want to spend countless hours kneeling on rocks and pulling out every bit of green that shoots up, your best option is to have our professionals here at Green Keeper spray your yard with our pre-emergent and post-emergent sprays.


We will spray your whole yard with a pre-emergent weed spray to kill weed seedlings before they have an opportunity to germinate.  After this pre-emergent allover spray, our technician will walk your rock yard with a backpack sprayer, which has been calibrated to the technician’s own gait.  The whole process usually takes only between 15 and 20 minutes to complete.  And with Green Keeper, you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals; we have a committed horticulturist who creates specific formulas for specific weeds, seasons, and your personal needs.  Formulas used are effective for most weeds. People and pets will be safe as long as instructions are followed.


Once your rocks and yard have been sprayed with our specialized weed prevention formula, it is necessary to generously water the rocks. Watering the treated area for long enough to saturate the ground with 1/2 inch of water is sufficient to wash the spray into the ground and activate the weed preventing chemicals.


Our spray is guaranteed to work for 6 months, and we stand behind that guarantee.  Over time, however, some weeds may reappear. For this reason, we recommend repeating treatment regularly to keep your desert landscape looking pristine.  Our horticulturist mixes different formulas for different weeds and different seasons.  There are a few situations that we can’t handle.

Green Keeper weed-prevention sprays are specifically formulated to meet your needs and your weeds.  One-size-fits-all weed-killing sprays are unsafe for children and pets, largely ineffective and a waste of time.  Don’t leave your yard to chance, leave it to the meticulous work of the professionals at Green Keeper Weed Control.