Winter Weed Control

Winter Weed Control that can Last the Whole Season

September was hot and wet! After the flooding receded the valley began to bloom… and not just the trees and shrubs. Weeds as far as the eye can see! Weeds in the desert and in town, weeds in the rocks and weeds in the grass. One day the lawn was waterlogged, the next it was full of bush sized weeds! Weed control takes on a whole new meaning when the weeds control your house, How are you going to recover from this?

Part of the problem is that weed seeds lie dormant in the ground waiting for the right conditions to germinate and last month crop of weeds dropped a lot of new seeds into your yard. Even if you pulled every weed you could see by hand that won’t save you from their seedlings. Even the cooler weather we’re seeing this month won’t be able to keep them down, it’s warm enough in AZ for weeds to grow year-round.

This can be a real problem, not just for your landscaping, or the time it will take you to reclaim it, but it could end up costing you. Homeowners Associations, whether you are for or against them, require most neighborhoods to keep their home exteriors and landscapes well-tended. If you don’t attack it fast and hard, you’re going to have your hands and weekends pretty full trying to regain control of your landscaping. Here are some ideas that might help:


“The best defense is a good offense.” For your yard, that means treating the whole thing with a pre-emergent weed killer. This is a product that, when sprayed on and watered into the soil, will stop the un-germinated seeds in and on the soil. Walking your yard and spraying the entire thing once will save you from hunting weeds through your landscape with a bottle of Round-Up each week. This step is necessary for both rock and grass landscaping, it will be the biggest game-changer overall and help protect you from future rain-induced fiascos. (PS: don’t use Roundup on your grass – ever!)

Killing Weeds

Once you’ve taken care of the future problems, go ahead and hunt down and kill every weed you can see. If you’re going to use an over the counter spray, like Roundup, understand that:

  1. It won’t kill everything- It’s a general blend of herbicide that kills indiscriminately anything that hasn’t been Genetically Engineered to withstand its active ingredient, or mutated itself to be immune to it. It doesn’t take growing season, type of weeds or growing region into consideration, it’s a general product.
  2. Its health claims are under investigation. Its formula is being accused of being toxic, unsafe, and contributing to a myriad of health defects. Probably a good idea, if you do use it, to keep it away from your garden, or anywhere pets and kids might come in contact with it. However, there is no “residual” effect in the soil and new plants can be planted the next day with no ill effects.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to get your yard under control quickly and easily, but whether you do or don’t you’re looking at a lot of yard work. If you don’t have the time or inclination, give us a call, we not only follow these steps, we have a professional horticulturalist on hand who creates our weed killing blends for grass and rock landscapes. Our herbicide blends will match this region and type of weeds found each season. Please read the cautions on the invoice to ensure child safety, pet safety, and people’s safety. We are licensed by the Arizona Office of Pest Management and follow strict guidelines as to the products used in residential areas and application rates listed on the product label. We have treatment guarantees depending on the type of service you use. Just ask us when you call to schedule!

Whether you decide to do it yourself or call in an expert, Greenkeeper is here to help you enjoy a beautiful, weed-free yard.