Winter Watering

The Weather Outside is…Delightful!

During these short winter months, Arizona is the envy of the nation!  While most of the country is bundled up, plowing snow out of the driveway, we in Arizona are sitting in our lawn chairs, enjoying perfect weather.  This is the time of year when our old adage “you don’t have to shovel sunshine” is especially poignant for our visitors.  But one thing our friends don’t have to worry about is watering the lawn in the winter.  With drastically different temperatures, our watering practices should be modified to keep up the splendor of our yards all winter long.

The most important factors in winter watering are time of day and duration.


In the summer, we tend to water at night so that the water can be absorbed before it has a chance to evaporate in the sun.  In the winter, however, watering at night is a mistake.  Once temperatures drop, the night temperatures can allow frost to form.  Watering at night exposes your lawn to the risk of freezing while the sun is down.  The best time of day for watering your yard in the winter is around 8 a.m.  By this time the sun is up and the risk of freezing is minimal.


Because the effects of the sun are less severe in the winter, watering your lawn for 12-15 minutes 2-3 times a week is sufficient.  Watering more frequently could leave your lawn susceptible to the growth of mushrooms and weeds.  For trees and shrubs, watering one time a week with a drip system is sufficient.  Allow the drip to run for 30-45 minutes.  If you are watering with a hose, allow the hose to drip slowly onto the trees or shrubs for about 15 minutes at a time.

Your winter lawn deserves to be enjoyed!  By modifying your watering plan, you can encourage the growth and maintenance of a lush, green landscape while preventing the growth of unwanted weeds and fungi.  The professionals here at Green Keeper can help with any questions you may have.  Enjoy your holiday season with beautiful weather and a healthy lawn.

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