Winter Watering in the Desert

Rain, rain DON’T go away…but weeds please do!

How Winter Watering in the Desert Works

In most places, rain is depressing and ruins days, but when living in the desert, where the sun seems to never go away, rain is always a time to celebrate. This past winter, Arizona has been getting quite a bit of rain and it’s been nothing but great. However, with as much rain as Arizona has been getting, maybe it’s time to check on your watering schedule and check on those weeds that are popping up everywhere because of the rain.

Watering In the Winter

With all the rain this winter in Arizona, take a step back from your normal watering schedule and let the rain do all the work. Obviously, if it’s only sprinkling, then maybe plan a shorter time to water your grass and plants, but make sure to not overwater or drown your grass and plants.

Now when it’s not raining, it’s best to water your grass during the day. Typically in Arizona grass is watered at night to keep from evaporating during the hot days, but with temperatures dropping, it’s best to water your grass when the sun is up. Watering at night when temperatures are at their lowest in Arizona, can form frost and freeze the grass.

So, make sure to give your grass 15-20 minutes of water every 7-10 days and give your shrubs and plants water every 7-10 days for around an hour when the sun is up during the winter time in Arizona.

Even if you didn’t overseed with rye for the winter, your dormant Bermuda lawn still needs to be watered once a month to keep the roots healthy throughout the winter.


As great as rain is in the desert, it is also a battle between humans and weeds. With rain comes weeds, and with weeds comes lots of work to contain them. It’s important to stay on top of these weeds when they’re small, but sometimes there’s no time to stay on top of them and before we know it, there’s a jungle of weeds in our yards. That is where Greenkeeper comes into play. Greenkeeper can help you stay on top of those weeds during this rainy season and help make your yard look spectacular.

Be sure to adjust your sprinklers, drips, and irrigation to match the winter weather conditions and your lawn will continue to grow beautifully right through to Spring.

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