Weed Control Infographic

The two best ways to play your weed control

There are really just 3 ways to fight weeds in your yard:

  1. You can pull them by hand
  2. You can kill spray them as they appear (Post-Emergent Herbicides)
  3. You can kill the seeds in the ground before they sprout (Pre-Emergent Herbicides)

If you want to win the game against your weeds you need a strong defense and a strong offense, otherwise, the weeds will ware you down and overwhelm you.

  • If you only pull weeds as you see them, you’ll be plucking your yard at least once a week, to keep it clean.
  • If you only spray the weeds you can see, the ones you don’t see will grow to replace them weekly.
  • If you only kill the seeds in the ground, the weeds in your lawn will drop more seeds and the problem will continue.

The weed control plan that we recommend, using both pre-emergent herbicides, to kill the seeds in the ground, as well as post-emergent herbicides to kill the weeds that have already sprouted in your yard.

Here’s some information on how you can manage your weed control, good luck keeping your yard green this fall, and if you need a little help, give Green Keeper a call!