Tempe Weed Control for your Desert Landscaping

Tempe Weed ControlLiving in Tempe, Arizona means having a desert landscape that is beautiful and low maintenance. Having a desert landscape is also cheap since there is little need to water it and no special tools to buy in order to maintain its beauty. All your desert yard really needs is our Tempe Weed Control.

Unlike other places in the United States where weeds pop up in certain seasons, Arizona has weeds all year long. There are so many types of weeds in Arizona that when one season of weeds ends, another begins with just as many weeds.

While you may think that killing weeds by yourself is cheaper, the weeds never seem to stay away. Thankfully, when you call a professional from Green Keeper we guarantee that the weeds won’t sprout for a total of 6-months!

Here’s why you need our Tempe Weed Control:

At Green Keeper we have a horticulturist who has formulated a weed killer specifically to work based on the time of year and weeds growing in the Tempe area. We have a spray to go on your rocks and a spray to go on your grass to ensure your grass does not get damaged. Then after 14-days after treatment, you will need to water for 30-minutes (½ inch) in order to activate the chemical. From then on the weeds will start disappearing and be gone for a 6-month time.

On the off chance, something does start to sprout, we offer 2 FREE service calls per 6-month guarantee.

Note: Weeds and unwanted plants are different. Desert tree suckers and shrub seedlings will grow in spite of our pre-emergent weed spray.

Available throughout the Phoenix Metro area

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