Tempe, AZ Weed Control

Do you need Weed Control in Tempe, Arizona?

If you live in or near Tempe, Arizona and have a yard, then you are most likely well aware of how difficult it can be to keep your weeds under control (even if you have desert landscaping at your home). No matter the kind of yard you have, weeds flourish in the Arizona soil, and can easily get out of control. Because there are always some varieties of weeds in season in Arizona, no matter the time of year, it’s also hard to get a break from the weed growth and feel like you’re able to tame the problem. 

If you’re like most homeowners in the valley, you have probably spent your fair share of weekends spraying your yard with weed killer or pulling weeds. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also become frustrating when it seems like your efforts aren’t helping the problem. That is why we do what we do at Green Keeper Weed Control! 

At Green Keeper Weed Control, we use a thorough process to get rid of the weeds you have as well as prevent further growth:

  • irst, our horticulturalist will create a custom formula that will be used to kill your weeds. The formula is based on both the time of year as well as the weeds native to the Tempe area.
  • That pre-emergent weed control formula is then prepared in a large tank in the back of one of our trucks. When this formula is applied to your yard, it will kill the seeds of different weeds that are still underground.
  • After we spray the pre-emergent formula, we follow that up with spraying a post-emergent solution in any rock areas that will kill any visible weeds.
  • We will then use a different post-emergent mixture on any grassy areas. (This solution is specifically made to kill your weeds while preserving your grass.
  • After our visit, you will have a 2-week window to water activate the chemicals. To do this, you will just need to apply approximately half an inch of water to the treated area (this ends up being equal to about 30 minutes of sprinkler time).

Once we have treated your yard, we guarantee that it will be weed-free for 6 months. If weeds start popping-up before the end of that 6-month window, we will provide up to two free service calls to ensure that you don’t end up with a weed problem again.

Please note: Unwanted plants in your yard require different treatment than weeds. Tree suckers, as well as shrub seedlings, will grow even if they are sprayed with our weed spray. Please let us know if you have unwanted plants that need to be removed in addition to weeds. We have a formula specifically for this purpose that we can use.

If you live in or near Tempe, Arizona and you are ready to get the weeds in your yard under control, call Green Keeper Weed Control today at 480-895-5561.