Taking Care of Trees in the Summer

A simple guide to summer tree care.

As it’s probably obvious, summers in Arizona can be extremely harsh on your trees and it may take a lot to keep them healthy. To keep them from becoming infested, sick with a disease, or get destroyed in a summer storm, follow these guidelines to ensure proper summer tree care.

Yard Inspection

Checking your trees for warning signs of diseases and/or infestations early can save your tree and your wallet in the long-run. An unhealthy tree can also affect the surrounding plants as well.

Pruning Dead or Sick Branches

Pruning can make a huge difference when it comes to getting your tree back into healthy shape. Check for any branches that may seem diseased or dying and remove them immediately.

Remove, Brace, or Cable Weak Limbs

Make sure all limbs are secure before those summer haboobs roll in, whether that means removing them or bracing them.

Check the Soil

Poor soil causes most tree issues. Changing the soil around the tree will help keep the nutrients flowing and encourage the tree roots to become stronger. Soil can also prevent diseases and pests!

Watering Trees

Unless there is a drought, you will want to water your tree about 1 inch of water each week. Water deeply and really soak the soil in order to get outstanding results. A tree’s root system can be as wide as the canopy itself. So it’s important to space emitters wide and not just around the trunk. This will promote root growth and improve tree health

Taking care of trees is a year-long process, but in the summer in Arizona, it is crucial to keep an eye on your trees. If you have any other questions or concerns relating to summer tree care or your trees’ health, make sure to contact the professionals at Green Keeper and they will be more than willing to serve you!