Sun Lakes, Arizona Weed Control

Do you need professional weed control services?

If you live in or near Sun Lakes, Arizona, then you are no stranger to the fact that keeping the weeds in your yard at bay in a desert environment can be quite the challenge. Because of the Arizona climate, there are going to be multiple kinds of weeds in season no matter what time of year it is. This can become extremely frustrating, especially if you’ve taken time to spray or do weed removal yourself, just to have a new round of weeds start popping up from the ground. And that is exactly why Green Keeper Weed Control wants to help!

At Green Keeper Weed Control, we have weed control down to a science, which means you can leave the problem to us while you focus on more important things.

How Green Keeper Works

When we come to take care of the weeds in your yard, we follow a step-by-step process to ensure success:

  • Our horticulturalist will first create a few custom formulas for killing your weeds that are specific both to the time of year as well as the types of weeds that grow in Sun Lakes, Arizona.
  • We will use the first formula—a pre-emergent weed control that is prepared in a 200-gallon tank on the back of our work trucks—to kill any seeds that are still underground.
  • Next, we will walk through any area of your yard that is primarily rocks and spray a post-emergent solution that will kill any existing weeds. (We even calibrate our sprayers to the walking pace of our technician, so that we can be sure that our formulas have full-coverage and won’t miss any areas.)
  • We will follow that up with yet another post-emergent mixture for any grass areas. This particular solution is made specifically to kill weeds while preserving the grass.
  • After we have completed spraying with each of the formulas, you will then have fourteen days to water activate the chemicals. All you will need to do is simply apply approximately a ½  inch of water to the treated areas (this is about the equivalent of 30 minutes sprinkler time).

Once we have sprayed your yard and you have water-activated the chemicals, we guarantee that your yard will remain weed-free for 6 months. If any weeds begin to spring-up during those six months, we offer two complimentary service calls to take care of any problem areas. 

Please note: If you have unwanted plants you would like to have removed, they need to be treated with a separate formula from what we use for weeds as shrub seedlings and tree suckers are resistant to weed spray. Please let us know if you need this additional service. 

If you live in or near Sun Lakes and are in need of weed control services, please call us today at 480-895-5561.

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