Spring Weeds Make the Worst Bouquets

Spring Weeds: What We Don’t Love About Springtime

February is the month of love; these days, we are a little more sensitive to the people and things that make our lives better.  This increased awareness of the love in our lives stands in stark contrast to the things that we don’t love.  As our limited winter slips away, the warmer weather not only reminds us why we live in this gorgeous valley of the sun, but it also encourages the growth of Spring weeds.

It may come as a surprise that different seasons bring different weeds, but the mustard and Prickly Lettuce weeds of the winter give way to weeds like Nutgrass and Spurge in the spring.  By the end of February, these Spring weed seeds will be ready to germinate in your yard and the best way to avoid their growth is with a pre-emergent herbicide spray.

Bear in mind that not all herbicide sprays are created equal!

  • At Green Keeper, our team includes a skilled horticulturist who formulates herbicides for specific yards and specific weeds.
  • It is important to mix up the herbicides from time to time to ensure that the correct weeds are being targeted and that they haven’t become immune to the formula.
  • After the yard is sprayed with our custom-made herbicide, it is important to water the area for about 15 minutes, allowing the water to soak the formula about 2 inches deep into the soil.

Beware the Nutgrass

Nutgrass (or Nutsedge) doesn’t grow like normal Spring weeds and so, it needs special treatment. Nutgrass requires a special herbicide that will need to be applied several times. Watch for it, you’ll need to catch it early because your general pre-emergent spray won’t be able to stop it. Watch for thick long bladed patches of grass. It’ll be brighter than your regular grass and grow much faster. We can treat it effectively and repeatedly until we’ve eradicated it from your yard.

As always, our technicians walk the entire yard, spraying specialized herbicides over desert landscaping and grassy areas.  Our work is guaranteed for 6 months and we are always a phone call away if any problem should arise.

Don’t waste your days off kneeling in the yard and pulling out weeds.  Let the professionals at Green Keeper work to efficiently and effectively kill existing weeds and eliminate others before they have the chance to germinate.  This February, focus on the things you love and let Green Keeper worry about the rest.