Spring is Here…Time for some Shrub and Tree Fertilization

Even with our mild winters, we sure are glad when the weather starts to warm up again!  As spring settles upon us here in the valley our yards begin to come back to life.  Starting now, before our weather gets back to record highs, you can get your little haven ready for a beautiful summer with shrub and tree fertilization.  Green Keeper Weed Control has specialized fertilizer to address the needs specific to our plants here in the unforgiving desert.  Our fertilizers are applied 3 times a year, starting in the spring.

Generic fertilizers just don’t cut it in our unique climate.

It is important to use the right kind of fertilizer to address the needs of our desert vegetation.  One of our unique issues is an iron deficiency, called Chlorosis, in our plants.  This deficiency is not the result of a lack of iron in our soil, but a lack of usable iron.  The iron in our soil is bound in such a way that our vegetation cannot absorb it.  To address this issue, Green Keeper uses different methods to distribute usable iron to the plants that need it, such as Eucalyptus and Gardenia.  We can deliver this vital nutrient in one of two ways:

  1. Granular Application

Applying the fertilizer to the soil allows it to release slowly to the plant’s roots.

  1. Injection

Injecting the fertilizer via a hole drilled into the trunk of the tree or shrub allows the natural sap movement to quickly distribute these vital nutrients.

We can diagnose specific issues and work to resolve them.

Because we are a local, specialized company, we are familiar with the vegetation in our part of the country and we know how best to treat possible problems.  For example, Queen Palms often begin to fail because of the lack of manganese in our soil.  While others might assume that the tree has a disease, Green Keeper knows that it is a simple vitamin deficiency.  We can remedy the problem by using spikes to disseminate the right mix of manganese and sulfur to the trees, or in extreme cases, we can drill into the trunk and deliver those vital nutrients directly.

Getting your yard ready for a long summer begins now.  When we apply our unique formula fertilizers 3 times a year, you won’t have to worry about the health of your greenery.  And in Arizona, green is an oasis for everyone!