Lawn Weed Control

Noticing weeds in your lawn?

Green Keeper’s weed control application is guaranteed for 3 months if annual weeds are present. Preventive products and selective herbicides are used. Perennial weeds, if specifically targeted, would be sprayed periodically until controlled. We recommend 1 to 4 treatments a year, depending on the need.

This application does not (but can for an additional cost) include fertilization.

Offered throughout the Phoenix Metro area.

Lawn Programs

Applications include regular fertilization and weed control. Treatments are six to seven weeks apart and can run all year if you seed winter rye in the fall. Applications do not include insect or disease problems.

Some weeds may emerge after the initial treatment, but by requesting a service call, Green Keeper will successfully manage these weeds. Also, many pre-emergents can be sprayed right on ornamental plants.

Non-selective herbicides are used to kill existing weeds. Smaller weeds are easier to kill. Large weeds may require higher rates of herbicide and be chopped down after spraying.

Non-selective herbicides MUST NOT be sprayed on ornamental plants, therefore Green Keeper uses marker or tracker dyes to ensure a more complete weed kill. The dye color used does not stain and it’s temporary and harmless to your plants.

Offered throughout the Phoenix Metro area

Plugs of Soil Plugs of Soil

Core Aeration

Most of our soils are heavy clays and prone to compaction. This is the loss of air spaces in the soil caused by surface activity of people, pets or machinery. With reduced oxygen the grass gradually dies. Compaction also affects the ability of water to penetrate the soil.

The aerator mechanically pulls out plugs of soil to counteract the damage of compaction.

A good time to aerate is anytime the bermuda grass is actively growing; May through September. Once-a-year is a good program. Twice-a-year is good if pets and children are heavy users. Aeration with fertilizer and/or gypsum is a good way to start the season.

Miscellaneous Problems Found in Your Landscape

Sometimes it’s very difficult to know what is causing damage to your lawn or plants.

Green Keeper’s technicians are trained to recognize unique symptoms that are caused by the following culprits:

  • Preventive programs for agave weevil (century plants & yuccas), Palo Verde beetles and white grubs (in lawns.)
  • Insect or mite problems in the landscape.
  • Pearl scale in hybrid bermuda turf.
  • Nutsedge, annual grasses or bermudagrass and other perennial weeds in turf and desert landscapes
Pearl Scale Pearl Scale
Nutsedge Nutsedge