Weed Control

Our soil is perfect for growing weeds.

Desert Landscaping is an easy way to keep your yard up here in the greater Phoenix Valley. It’s inexpensive: no feeding it, no watering it, and no need to buy gardening tools to keep it up. Weed control is all it really needs to keep from growing weeds in the rocks.

Weed control in Mesa and the surrounding areas can be difficult. Different weeds grow in different seasons, and we have so many different weeds that when one season ends another begins. We don’t get an offseason.

In order to maintain a beautiful weed-free landscape, you can do the work yourself with weed control and removal or call in a professional

To do it yourself, you’ll need to:

  1. Buy a generic weed poison, walk your yard and spray every weed you see, then wait…
  2. Notice that the spray didn’t affect some of the weeds and many more weeds have sprouted that were invisible while you were spraying.
  3. Get down on your hands and knees in your rocks and pull them up by the roots

The Professional Difference:

  1. You get to stay in the cool air conditioning of your home and you won’t have to crawl around in the rocks tugging on weeds.
  2. We don’t rely on generic, harsh, or harmful poisons. We have a dedicated horticulturist who develops a specific formula for you, based on the time of year and the weeds growing in your area.
  3. We Spray the entire rock yard with a pre-emergent weed killer from a 200-gallon tank on our truck. This solution will prevent weed seeds from germinating and growing.
  4. Our technician will walk your yard with a backpack sprayer filled with a solution that kills existing weeds in rocks.
  5. He will then walk your grass with a backpack sprayer filled with a solution that kills existing weeds in the grass.
  6. You’ll need to water the affected area for 30 minutes (about ½ an inch of water) within 14 days of treatment to activate the chemicals.

Our process is so meticulous that even the sprayer nozzles are calibrated to the walking pace of the technicians that use them.

We are so confident in our mixtures and methods that we guarantee our work for 6 months.

There is a difference between weeds and unwanted plants, desert tree and shrub suckers and seedlings will grow in spite of pre-emergent weed spray. We have a separate formula for these problems.

We offer 2 free service calls during your guarantee, call us if you notice a problem and we’ll take care of it for you.

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