Desert Weed Control

Desert Landscaping is an easy way to keep your yard up here in the greater Phoenix Valley. It’s inexpensive: no feeding it, no watering it, and no need to buy gardening tools to keep it up. Weed control is all it really needs to keep from growing weeds in the rocks…

Lawn Care

Green Keeper uses a slow-release, balanced granular fertilizer with a micro-nutrient package. We fertilize 3 times-a-year (Twice in the spring and once in the fall). Chelated iron can be applied to problem plants in the spring and fall (Additional fee).

Tree and Shrub Care

Green Keeper provides a wide variety of tree and shrub care services. Fertilization (including queen palm fertilization), Olive Tree Fruit Inhibitors, Iron Deficiency (Chlorosis) Treatments and more. Click below to learn more.

Sprinkler Repair

Have you been experiencing problems with your lawn? Do you need a watering schedule that will maximize lawn vigor yet simultaneously conserve water in this arid Arizona climate? Have you noticed symptoms of an unhealthy lawn such as dry or brown spots? Do you have sprinkler heads that appear to be clogged or that are not functioning properly?