Scottsdale AZ Weed Control

Scottsdale Weed Control for your Desert Landscaping

Scottsdale weed control can be terrible when you have a desert landscape and you need to keep your yard looking beautiful all year long. Desert landscape is affordable and requires little maintenance since there’s not much watering or special tools needed to maintain it. In fact, all it really takes to maintain a desert landscape is weed control.

Unfortunately, controlling weeds in Arizona can be quite difficult and can quickly become a daily chore

Weeds just love Arizona’s soil so they grow all year long. There’s no such thing as an offseason for weeds in the Arizona desert.

Even though there are weed killer sprays you can purchase in stores or online, there’s actually an even more effective way to control your weeds… calling a professional from Green Keeper. When you call us, not only are you handing over the tedious job to someone else, but you’re getting a weed-free landscape for the next 6-months. Here’s how:

  • When you call for a professional at Green Keeper, we come out with a pre-emergent weed killer that is formulated by our in-house horticulturalist. We walk through the entire yard while spraying with special sprayer nozzles that are calibrated to our technicians walking pace. Our technicians are well-trained and are very meticulous when spraying.
  • With our special formulated weed killer spray, we guarantee a weed-free landscape for a 6-month long period. We are so confident that our formula works that on the off chance of something sprouting, we will offer 2 free service calls, where we will come out and clear them out for free.
  • Note: Weeds and unwanted plants are different. Desert tree suckers and shrub seedlings will grow in spite of our pre-emergent weed spray. They require a separate formula.

Live in Scottsdale and want to get professional weed control for your yard? Call us today to learn more- 480-895-5561.

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