Queen Palm Fertilization

Give Your Queen Palm The Royal Treatment

Queen Palm trees are well-deserving of their regal name; these majestic giants are jewels of the Arizona landscape.  While their crowning fronds reach up to soak in the ample sunshine, their roots struggle to find the nutrients needed to remain healthy and strong.  Queen Palms thrive in acidic soil, but our dry, alkaline soil does not readily provide sufficient nourishment for these royal trees.  There are two important things that are vital to keeping Queen Palms healthy:

Correct Watering

Not all watering practices are created equal.  The roots of Queen Palms are surprisingly shallow but extend laterally in the soil to about the width of their fronds.  Deep watering will do little good for the Queen Palm as it soaks in most of its water through the root tips.  Correct watering of this tree requires a wide watering area, allowing water to soak into the soil at a depth of about 4 feet.

Correct Fertilizer

When a Queen Palm becomes unhealthy, it is a common mistake to believe that the tree has some sort of disease.  The more probable cause is a lack of proper nutrition.  Manganese is a nutrient that is in short supply here in our desert home, but it is imperative to the health of these grand trees.  Because of the micronutrients needed for Queen Palms to thrive, the best fertilizer is a very specific, manganese-rich formula.

The best way to get this fertilizer to the tree is through a spike system: spikes are embedded in moist soil a couple of feet away from the base of the tree and the combination of the water and fertilizer helps the tree to absorb this medicine at its roots.  For more severe problems, an injection into the tree itself might be needed.  We can assess the tree to determine the best course of action.

Don’t allow this monarch of the southwest to become nothing more than an eye-sore.  With proper watering techniques and appropriate fertilization, your Queen Palm will thrive, providing beauty and grace to your own kingdom for years to come.

Image Source: https://flic.kr/p/7XiFex