Queen Creek AZ Weed Control

Desert Landscaping with Queen Creek AZ Weed Control.

Queen Creek AZ weed control is tough because Queen Creek began as little more than farmland, pastures, and desert. In the past couple of years, however, the small farm town has grown substantially with new communities and neighborhoods with beautiful desert landscapes. Although these front and backyards are beautiful, it isn’t easy maintaining their beauty.

Arizona is well known for its year-round weed season. From one season to the next, weeds seem to never stop growing in the State of the Sun. Thankfully, Arizona has Green Keeper, the company that tames weeds and makes sure they stay away.

What Green Keeper Can Do for You

Green Keeper tames weeds with the help of their very own horticulturist who has created a spray that is specifically made for Arizona soil and the types of weeds grown here. Our well-trained technicians use a spray nozzle that is calibrated to their walking pace. That way, every inch of your yard will be sprayed and the weeds will stay away for a total of 6-months.

The only step we need you to do is water your yard (lawn and rock) for 30-minutes or a ½-inch of water in order to activate the chemicals. With this step, you will have a 14-day window to water until the chemicals have died and you will have to be sprayed again.

We are so confident in our weed killer spray that we have guaranteed a weed-free yard for a total of 6-months. If the off chance happens and weeds happen to sprout up, we offer 2 free service calls.

Note: Unwanted plants and shrubs are not the same as weeds. If those start to sprout up, we have another chemical that will do the job of keeping them away. So let us know if anything comes up.

Do you live in Queen Creek and want a professional weed control service? Call Green Keeper Weed Control today at 480-895-5561. We look forward to making your lawn weed-free!

Available throughout the Phoenix Metro area