Preventing Pearl Scale & Nutgrass

Keeping Pearl Scale and Nutgrass Out of Your Lawn

With Arizona’s constant sunshine and excessive heat, keeping your lawn alive and attractive can be quite a battle.  Adding insects and weeds to that already sizeable task can be enough to make you feel like raising your white flag!  But before you abandon all of your hard work and surrender to your yard’s ruin, please allow our professionals here at Green Keeper to revive your lawn and attack the problem at its root.

Two of your lawn’s most formidable enemies are Pearl Scale and Nutgrass.

Pearl Scale

This insidious insect especially targets Bermuda grass, feeding off of the roots and drying out the blades.  Emerging near the end of May, these pests damage your lawn in circular patterns.

Nutgrass, or Nutsedge

This pervasive weed is particularly difficult to eliminate.  It begins its growth in sections of your yard that are not well-drained.  Usually emerging in the middle of May, Nutgrass thrives in heat and its roots can submerge more than a foot deep into the soil.  Once it is pulled out, it leaves tiny tubers that will grow again.


To ensure victory over the adversaries of your beautiful lawn, you must go on the offensive.  Your plan of attack is dependent on your invaders.

  • Pearl Scale can be removed the easy way, or the hard Some say that by digging out the infested area, including the dirt in a 1-foot diameter around the damage and 1 foot of soil under the damage and replacing that entirely you might be able to get rid of pearl scale. OR, you can eliminate it the easy way, by letting us treat your lawn. Here at Green Keeper, we develop and use insecticides designed specifically to attack Pearl Scale.  We also are sure to keep our tools very clean to avoid spreading the contamination to healthy portions of the yard.  When we treat your lawn with our insecticide insecticide once every 4-6 weeks during the summer months – up to 4 times/season, we can keep the damage to a minimum while you simply enjoy your lawn.
  • Nutgrass is difficult to eliminate, but it can be treated. At Green Keeper, we work with a committed horticulturalist who creates a specialized prescription for your distinctive lawn and its unique needs.  This will help you through those summer days of relentless heat without having to pull a single weed!  Because Nutgrass flourishes in short grass, mowing a longer cut will help the grass overrun the weeds.

While the attack on your lawn is inevitable, you have an arsenal of tools and professionals at your disposal.  We know the drill and have won many skirmishes fought on the lawns of Arizona.  Don’t let these pests and weeds keep you from enjoying your lawn in our beautiful Valley of the Sun!