Preparing Your Yard for Spring

It’s Just Around the Corner… Have You Prepared Your Yard for Spring?

Spring in Arizona can vary in temperatures from the mid 50’s to the low 100’s! To make sure that your yard is ready for the warmer weather, it would be best to do a little work, preparing your yard for spring, before the winter temperatures begin to climb.

Here are 3 tips for preparing your yard for spring:

  1. Tidy up your yard– Now, while the weather is cool, would be a good time to kill weeds, clear branches and debris and prune your trees or shrubs.
  2. Plant Bermuda grass– If you are planning on planting Bermuda grass in your yard, you will want to begin in early April. To make the transition, you will need to stop watering your grass for at least two weeks to allow the ryegrass to die out, then you can resume watering and begin seeding the Bermuda grass.
  3. Plant Your Garden– Spring is the best time in Arizona to plant vegetables in your garden. The planting season has already started and you can still take advantage of it in your garden.

Want to let your lawn go dormant this winter? Here is what you can do:

  • Aerate Your Lawn– In Arizona, lawn soil tends to become compacted over the winter, preventing your lawn from receiving the needed nutrients. To make sure that water, oxygen, grass seeds, and roots will have an easier time penetrating your soil, you will want to thin the soil with a core aerator.
  • Fertilize Your Lawn– During the Spring planting season, once your grass begins to turn green, your lawn will benefit from a layer of nitrogen fertilizer. High-nitrogen fertilizers can give your lawn the boost it will need to survive in the summer.
  • Water Your Lawn Correctly– During the springtime, the best time to water your Bermuda grass is once a week in the early morning for 20-30 minutes. Once the summer temperatures begin to rise, watering once every few days will keep your lawn growing strong and looking great.

Spring is an important time in Arizona to prepare your yard for warmer temperatures. If you are in need of help with prepping your yard for warmer weather, contact Green Keeper Tree Care today, we would be more than happy to help you keep your yard green and weed-free this Spring.