Preparing Your Yard for Summer

It’s about time to start prepping for summer. Are you ready?

Spring is a wonderful time to get ourselves summer ready for all those lake trips and beach visits, but that’s not the only thing spring can help us prepare for. Spring is also a time to prepare our yards for the scorching Arizona heat that is bound to come. If you have a yard that you like keeping healthy and looking spectacular with proper summer lawn care, you might want to check out the tips below.

Summer Lawn Care Tips for Your Yard:

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn before summer allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the grassroots more efficiently. This results in a healthy root system for the span of summer.

Remove Plant Decay

Otherwise known as thatch, decaying plant material can block sunlight and water from reaching deep roots. It’s best you remove it early on in the season before grass and plants become unhealthy from lack of sunlight and water.

Fertilize & Mulch:

Depending on what type of grass you have, fertilizing it with the correct fertilizer is very important. Fertilizing before summer will help keep your grass green and healthy. Laying down a new layer of mulch around plants can help prevent soil from drying out and killing the plants.

Water Your Lawn:

Always, always, always keep the roots in mind when watering your grass. A few deep irrigations each week (once isn’t enough) during peak growing season is preferred since frequent, brief sprinklings can result in shallow root penetration. If your lawn tends to flood or drain after longer watering, try breaking up the watering schedule by 3-4 hours, (15min at 4 am and 15min again at 8 am).

Mow Your Lawn:

Your lawn properly can also help keep the lawn healthy. Never cut more than ⅓ of the height of the grass and as summer approaches, raise the cutting heights so the grass shade can keep the soil moist.

For more help or tips on summer lawn care, make sure to contact Green Keeper at 480-895-5561 to talk to an expert!