Planting and Pruning Your Landscape for Spring

Ready to Start Planting and Pruning Your Landscape for Spring?

It’s time to begin planting and pruning again as the new season approaches.

Winter is coming to a quick end as desert temperatures start climbing up the thermometer and cozy jackets become lighter sweaters. For the past few months, trees and shrubs have needed to be covered during the chilly nights and carefully watched. With the weather warming up, you may still need to cover those plants, but it’s also time to start prepping for spring and Arizona’s scorching summer.

Growing plants and keeping them alive in Arizona is almost intimidating if not frustrating, but thankfully it is possible…as long as you begin early enough for the next season.

Here are 5 tips to begin your Spring prepping in Arizona:


Make sure the plants you have or the ones you’ll plant are in a healthy and good location. It’s important to know when and where shadows are cast during the day and how long they’re there. Too much shade can keep them from growing, but too much sun can kill them. Plan accordingly.


It is vital to know how much sun your plants need. Some plants may need the sun for 4-6 hours a day while others may need the sun for up to 8-10 hours a day. Make sure to know your plants like the back of your hand in order to keep them thriving.

Space & Bed Size

Just as it is vital to know your plants’ sun needs, it is also important to know how much space they need. Some plants can grow in clay pots or beds, others may need to be planted in the ground. Before planting, make sure to read about the specific plant and purchase the correct bed for it.


One wonderful thing about desert soil is the richness of nutrients, however, desert soil lacks organic matter which holds water, releases nitrogen, and reduces erosion. Depending on what trees, shrubs, or other plants you decide to plant, make sure to have soil with nutrients and organic matter to keep them as healthy as can be.


As it is time to start planting trees and shrubs, it is also a perfect time to start pruning those plants that survived the bitter winter. Pruning is the process of thinning your plants and making sure they’re not too top-heavy. Simply, choose branches or stems that look frostbitten or overgrown and clip them away until the tree or shrub looks thin to begin growing new branches.

Don’t be a late bloomer with your spring landscape. Start now and begin preparing your trees, and shrubs and planning new locations for more plants to make your landscape look spectacular.

If you need help or want some suggestions, feel free to contact us, Greenkeeper!