Pesky Winter Weeds in Arizona

Are your winter weeds getting out of control?

During the winter months, you will probably notice your lawn change significantly. For example, your lawn will become brown as it enters winter dormancy. You will also probably observe an overgrowth of weeds. Unfortunately, these pesky winter weeds in Arizona can be very difficult to remove, especially if you don’t have help or the right tools. 

Common Arizona Winter Weeds

Though there are quite a few varieties of weeds that you’ll see popping up in Arizona during the winter, one of the most common types of winter weeds in Arizona is the Poa annua, which is also referred to as annual meadow grass. This type of winter weed usually sprouts in January and February. Lolium, or ryegrass, and Poa annua germinate at the same time. Unfortunately, you cannot use herbicide to get rid of the Poa annua because it will also damage the ryegrass.

In comparison to other types of weeds, the Poa annua is small and has a greater tendency to cover an entire lawn. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, it can be difficult to completely weed a lawn that is overrun with annual meadow grass. Chances are, you have far better things to do than spend hours pulling the weeds from your lawn all by yourself.

So, how do you deal with winter weeds in Arizona?

Green Keeper Weed Control

Green Keeper Weed Control is here to help you keep the weeds out of your lawn. Our horticulturalist will create a custom formula to kill the winter weeds growing throughout your lawn. This custom formula will only kill the weeds without harming your grass. Not only will this formula kill the weeds that have already germinated, but it will also kill any seeds still underground. The only thing you will need to do is apply 0.5 inches of water to your lawn within a 14-day window after we leave.

If you’re dealing with pesky winter weeds in Arizona and need some help to get rid of them, consider contacting us here at Green Keeper Weed Control. We also offer our customers a 6-month guarantee for the weeds to not come back. You can count on us to help you enjoy peace of mind and a beautiful lawn.