Peoria Valley Weed Control

Weed control can be tough in areas like Peoria.

Though many enjoy the ease of their beautiful desert landscapes, some weed maintenance is often still required. Weeds grow plentifully in Arizona and seasonal weeds in Arizona go from one weed growing season to the next. There is never a break from weeds in Arizona.

Thankfully, we at Green Keeper have a horticulturist who has created special formulas that keep weeds away for 6-months after each treatment!

With our well-trained technicians, we can ensure that your yard will be weed-free all year around.

We prepare our pre-emergent weed control formula in 200-gallon tanks in the back of our trucks which kill the seeds in the ground. Then, our post-emergent solution is sprayed to kill the weeds already living in the rocks and we have a special solution that will kill weeds in your grass without damaging your lawn. Once both the pre and post-emergent weed killers are sprayed, you will have 14 days to water the rocks and lawn with a ½ inch of water to activate the chemicals. From there, you can start watching your yard stay weed-free.

In fact, we are so confident in our formulas that we offer a 6-month guarantee with 2 free service calls if anything pops up. However, weeds and unwanted plants are two different things and require different formulated sprays.

Ready for weed control at your Peoria home? Give us a call at 480-895-5561 today, and you’ll have a weed-free yard before you know it!