Pearlscale in Arizona Lawns

Pearlscale: The Scourge of Bermuda Grass

As your yard emerges from a season of dormancy, it is refreshing to see that hearty green grass.  It is not refreshing, however, to see the circular patterns of Pearlscale damage left in your yard.  And the worst part is that this insidious insect lays about 100 eggs during the summer and that offspring multiplies the destruction of the lawn you have worked so hard to nurture.

The tiny bugs we know as Pearlscale live deep in the ground and feed off of the roots of your grass, killing individual blades.  And with hundreds of eggs hatching during the summer, the patterns of destruction spread across your lawn and can feel impossible to contain.  If you try to dig it out yourself, you risk not digging deep enough to eliminate the pests or spreading this scourge to healthy, unaffected areas of grass.  It can become overwhelming very quickly.

You can avoid the hassle by calling Green Keeper.

At Green Keeper, we use specially formulated insecticides to get at the root of the problem, by killing the bugs themselves.  We know how important it is to avoid contaminating unaffected areas of the lawn and we are experts at keeping tools clean and safe.  We treat your grass with our  unique pesticide formula every 4-6 weeks to avoid further damage and prevent the spread of Pearlscale.

Some pests are unavoidable, and the best time to call in the expert at Green Keeper is the minute you see evidence of Pearlscale damage.  You can dig out the Pearlscale yourself, one foot deep and a one-foot diameter around the infestation, and then wait and see if that does the trick.  But if your time and yard are valuable to you, you should call in the professionals at Green Keeper and let us do our guaranteed work.  Our specialty is keeping your yard looking pristine.