Paradise Valley Weed Control

If you live in Paradise Valley, AZ, then you know that trying to keep your weeds under control can be challenging, even if you have desert landscaping.

While desert landscaping helps keep yard maintenance to a minimum in most areas, weeds still flourish in the Arizona soil. It doesn’t help that no matter the time of year, there is always a variety of weeds in season, so you never really get a break. You’ve probably spent time spraying your yard with weed killer, just to have to weed your yard by hand a week or two later. It can be time-consuming, frustrating, and exhausting. Well, now you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Green Keeper Weed Control is here to help. 

What can Green Keeper do for you?

This is the process we use to tame your weeds:

  • First, our horticulturalist creates custom formulas that will kill your weeds, based on both the weeds native to the Paradise Valley area as well as the time of year.
  • With that formula, our pre-emergent weed control is then prepared in a 200-gallon tank in the back of our trucks. When this is applied, it kills the seeds that are still underground.
  • Following the spraying of the pre-emergent formula, we will then walk through your rocks and spray a post-emergent solution that will kill your existing weeds. (To ensure that our formulas have full-coverage and don’t miss any areas, our sprayer nozzles are specifically calibrated to the walking pace of the assigned technician.
  • Then, we will use yet another post-emergent mixture that we will use in any grass areas. This solution is made to kill your weeds without killing your grass.
  • When we leave, you’ll have a 14-day window to water activate the chemicals. In order to do this, you will simply need to apply about a ½  inch of water (equivalent to 30 minutes of sprinkler time).

Our Guarantee

After our service, we guarantee you’ll be weed-free for 6 months. So, if weeds start popping-up during that 6-month window, we offer two free service calls during that time, during which we will come out and take care of the weeds. 

Please note: Unwanted plants are not the same thing as weeds. Shrub seedlings and tree suckers still grow in spite of our weed spray. If you are needing services to remove unwanted plants in addition to weeds, please let us know. We have a separate formula we can use to deal with these.

Do you live in Paradise Valley or the surrounding area and want to learn more? Call us today at 480-895-5561.

Available throughout the Phoenix Metro area