Olive Tree Fruit Inhibitor

If you own olive trees in Arizona, Green Keeper Weed Control has a solution to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

Olive trees are known for their striking appearance, with pale green, slender leaves and delicate white flowers in the spring. However, owning olive trees can come with its share of complications. While they can add a unique look to your landscape, the fruit they produce cannot be eaten directly from the tree, and can leave a mess on your property when they fall. Additionally, the pollen from the olive blossoms can be considered an allergen.

Our Olive tree fruit inhibitor service is designed to help maintain your trees’ upkeep and decrease the chances of fruit dropping.

What is an Olive Tree Fruit Inhibitor?

An olive tree fruit inhibitor is a growth regulator that is sprayed onto the leaves and branches of the tree. Once applied, the solution soaks into the tree and breaks down to release ethylene, which is released by trees when stressed. This ethylene release tricks the olive tree into not producing fruit as a self-defense mechanism. While the inhibitor may not completely eliminate fruit growth, it will help in reducing the amount of fruit that is produced.

When to Spray and How to Spray

It is important to know when and how to spray your olive trees to prevent fruit growth. In Arizona, the best time to spray olive trees to prevent fruit growth is between February and mid-March. Green Keeper Weed Control uses a specialized method to spray the olive trees during this time to help reduce the amount of pollen in the spring.

Why Choose Green Keeper Weed Control

At Green Keeper Weed Control, we have a team of experts who are well-versed in the care and maintenance of olive trees. Our Olive Tree Fruit Inhibitor service is designed to keep your trees healthy and beautiful while reducing the chances of fruit dropping. Our team uses the best practices and equipment to spray your trees at the right time and in the right way to achieve the best results. If you are looking for a way to keep your olive trees healthy and free from unwanted fruit growth, contact Green Keeper Weed Control today to schedule your appointment. We offer competitive pricing and exceptional service to meet your needs. With our Olive Tree Fruit Inhibitor service, you can enjoy the beauty of your olive trees without the hassle of messy fruit dropping.