How to Water Your Lawn in Arizona

Recently moved to Arizona and aren’t sure how much water you need to give your grass? Here are a few tips and a month-to-month watering guide to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

Most homes in Arizona have lawns that need specific maintenance and care. Unlike other climates around the nation, in the desert, we only have two seasons for grass: Winter and summer. Due to our harsh summer temperatures and mild winters, it’s important to know how to properly water your lawn, all the while conserving water.  

Grass in Arizona is the healthiest when the roots receive water. To ensure your water is reaching the roots, there needs to be enough to reach a depth of 10 inches. By applying about ¾ of an inch of water during every watering session. To test the soil to make sure it receives the water it needs, stick a soil probe or a long screwdriver into the soil about an hour after you have watered. If it goes down 10-inches, it was watered correctly. If not, you may need to water a little longer.

It would also be a good idea to know how much water your sprinkler system applies. You can either test that yourself or you can have one of our technicians at Greenkeeper come out and test it for you.  

Watering Tips

To know exactly how long to water your grass, here are a few tips:

  • Before sunrise in the summer, water an hour or two so the water doesn’t quickly evaporate.
  • If the ground is mushy, the lawn is getting too much water and you should cut back.
  • Check your sprinkler heads on a regular basis to make sure the water is coming out and is going to the right area.

Month-to-Month Guide

To know when to water your grass, here is a month-to-month guide:

  • January
    • Bermuda grass: Every 30 days
    • Ryegrass: Every 14 days
  • February
    • Bermuda grass: Every 21 days
    • Ryegrass: Every 10 days
  • March
    • Bermuda grass: Every 14 days
    • Ryegrass: Every 7 Days
  • April
    • Bermuda grass: Every 7 Days
    • Ryegrass: Every 4 days.
  • May
    • Bermuda grass: Every 4 days
    • Ryegrass: Every 3 days
  • June-September
    • Bermuda grass: Every 3 days.
    • Ryegrass: Don’t water. (Grass dies in summer.)
  • October
    • Bermuda grass: Every 6 days
    • Ryegrass: Every 3 days
  • November
    • Bermuda grass Every 14 days
    • Ryegrass: Every 10 days
  • December
    • Bermuda grass: Every 30 days
    • Ryegrass: Every 14 days

If you are new to Arizona and want some help to keep your lawn looking spectacular or to get it back to a nice green color, contact Green Keeper today. We also offer other services such as weed control, tree trimming and shrub care, and sprinkler repair to keep your yard looking beautiful.