How to Prevent Weeds in Your Arizona Lawn

Want to Prevent Weeds in Your Arizona Lawn?

No matter where you live in the country, weeds can be a persistent problem for gardeners, property owners, and even the wider community. They mar smooth sidewalks, choke flowers, and generally make for unattractive spaces. As you already know, getting rid of weeds in your Arizona lawn can be a difficult task, so if you can have tools to prevent them in the first place, you’re going to be ahead of the game. In this article, we’ll look at ways you can prevent weeds from sprouting up and how you can manage them when they do make an appearance, so you can avoid the backbreaking work of having to deal with them over and over again.

Lawn Maintenance

If you’re trying to keep your lawn free and clear of weeds, and have grass, the best way to do it is by mowing it regularly. Standard turf is stronger than weeds, and mowing will keep weeds under control. Plus, routine lawn maintenance gives you an opportunity to notice anything unusual or troubling in your yard. So if there’s a small patch of diseased grass, you have the chance to keep it from spreading any further.


The seeds of weeds are usually carried in by Mother Nature. Some live for a year while others live for several or more. Herbicides can be an effective way to fight the unsightly growth. There are two major types of these chemical treatments: pre-emergent and post-emergent.

If you’re trying to prevent weeds, a pre-emergent treatment is designed to halt the sprouting process. This option typically works best in gravel, a common feature of many Arizona lawns. Just be careful about where you apply the treatment. Certain types of grass, such as ryegrass, will be equally susceptible to pre-emergents as the weeds are.

Weed Barrier Fabric

If you’re using rocks as a part of your landscaping, you can use a special barrier to keep weeds under the ground. These options are generally available at any hardware store. Make sure that the dirt is as smooth as possible before covering the space with fabric. First, cover the area with fabric. You can keep it in place by using nails around the edges, or you can just build the rock layer on top. This is a labor-intensive move, so make sure that you’re using a fabric that will last a long time.

Call Green Keeper Weed Control

Green Keeper Weed Control understands the specific challenges that Arizona lawns face. Weeds are a constant here, and when one type goes out of season, a new one takes its place. To make matters worse, results of at-home methods can be inconsistent at best. Some herbicides work on one weed without affecting another, some kill off the very plants that you were hoping to keep.

Our staff is dedicated to providing the best possible strategies for property owners. Instead of using poison, our horticulturist engineers a specific formula for your yard based on everything from the soil type to the time of year. Whether you can call us for weed control, lawn care, sprinkler repair, or tree services, we’re here to help however we can!

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