How-to Kill Spurge in Your Lawn This Summer

Is Spurge Growing Like a Weed in Your Lawn?

It is no surprise that “spurge” rhymes with “scourge.”  This nefarious weed infests beautiful lawns all over Arizona.  It is very common and easy to identify, but there are some key questions in the fight against spurge: what is it, why do we struggle with it and how do we eliminate it?

What is spurge?

Spurge is a low-growing weed that fans out over an area of ground.  It grows quickly, produces hundreds of seeds from a single weed, and spreads as far as it is allowed.  It has a milky sap that can irritate the skin and eyes.  It does not have thorns but is a favorite home for ants.

Why is it rampant in Arizona?

Because spurge thrives in heat and sun, it is widely found in southern Arizona.   The infestation of spurge seems inevitable with the weather becoming warm early in the spring and staying hot until late in the fall.   Often, a well-manicured lawn is amply watered and routinely cut to keep the grass short and clean.  Unfortunately, short grass allows sunlight and water to penetrate the soil, thus creating the ideal conditions for the growth of spurge.

How do I get rid of it?

Eliminating spurge can seem like a daunting task.  There is no fool-proof solution, but we can offer you a great option:  The easiest way to eliminate spurge is to keep it from growing!  Keeping a healthy lawn where the grass is thick green and strong goes a long way to keep the soil full and out of direct sunlight, leaving little room for invaders like spurge.  In addition to that, Green Keeper has an experienced horticulturist who formulates herbicides for your specific needs.  Before the weed begins to emerge, we can spray the ground with a specific, tailor-made herbicide and kill the spurge before it has a chance to flourish. If you already have spurge in your grass or rocks, spot treating with our broad-leaf herbicide can work wonders.  You can retreat your yard every 2 weeks as needed with a broad-leaf herbicide if it tries to make a comeback.  You do not have to crawl around your lawn or on your rocks and hand-pick each weed; we can kill them before they get a chance to grow.

Let the professionals at Green Keeper be the scourge of your spurge!

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