Glendale Weed Control

Glendale Weed Control with your Desert Landscaping

There are beautiful desert landscapes in Glendale, Arizona that are low maintenance needing little to no mowing or watering. Unfortunately, however, Glendale weed control may be harder and more strenuous than both mowing and watering combined.

Weed control is so difficult here since there is never an offseason for weeds. While one season ends, another begins with just as many weeds. Thankfully, with the help of Green Keeper, your yard can be weed-free with little work from you.

At Green Keeper, we have a special formula that keeps weeds at bay for 6-months.

With the help of our well-trained technicians and spray nozzles that are calibrated to their walking pace, every inch of your rock or lawn areas will be sprayed to ensure the weeds stay away. Once the pre and post-emergent mixtures are sprayed, you will have 14-days to water for 30-minutes (½ inch) in order to activate the formula. Once you water the lawn and rocks, you can start saying goodbye to all of those pesky weeds.

We are so confident in our special weed killer formula that we guarantee 6-months of having a weed-free yard. On the off chance, they do start sprouting up, we will provide 2 FREE service calls to come out and deal with the problem.

If you live in Glendale, Arizona, and are in need of weed control services, give us a call today at 480-895-5561. We look forward to working with you!