Fertilization and aeration

No Time Like the Present

As June brings us beautiful sunshine and summer fun, it also brings us triple-digit temperatures.  Now is the time to aerate and fertilize your lawn so that you don’t have to spend time reviving it later in the summer when the heat gets really dangerous.

Most of us here in the Valley of the Sun have Bermuda Grass, and with our desert climate, it is really thriving.  But, what if it isn’t?  Our soils are mostly very dense clay, and this compaction can really hurt your yard.  That’s why it is imperative to aerate.


The process of aeration involves pulling up little plugs of soil from your lawn.  This helps to relieve some of the compaction that is innately part of our clay soils and is augmented by frequent family and pet traffic over the yard.

Pulling out these plugs of dirt allows air, water, and nutrients to more easily distribute through the soil.  This is necessary for the roots of your Bermuda Grass to get everything needed to continue growing and thriving.

Soil can lack some of the key nutrients needed by your grass, so fertilizer is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy lawn.  Especially when used after aeration, the fertilizer is able to feed the roots of your grass.

It is important to know that a generic fertilizer is not necessarily going to fill the deficit of nutrients in our particular soil.  At Green Keeper, our skilled horticulturist formulates fertilizers that meet the needs of plants in our particular region.  This level of isolated attention cannot be duplicated by a store-bought fertilizer.

As summer bears down on us, be sure to give your lawn the attention it needs so that it looks as inviting and healthy as possible.  The best part is that Green Keeper will do the work for you so that you can just sit back and relax, knowing that the job is being done right.