Fall Weed Control

Tips for Fall Weed Control in Arizona

It’s Officially Fall! The days are getting shorter, cooler, and more bearable for you and your lawn. You’ve overseed your lawn with perennial ryegrass, now you’ll just have to mow it every 2-3 weeks. This can be the easiest time of year or the hardest, depending on your Fall weed control.

Like all plants, different things grow at different times of the year, hence the overseeding you did on your lawn. During the overseeding process, you made your yard the perfect growing environment for any seed that landed on it: space, good soil, water, fertilizer, mulch, and enough heat to germinate. Unfortunately, grass probably won’t be the only thing to grow, the new season brings with it a new crop of weeds. Without the proper Fall weed control, they will become the greenest healthiest part of your lawn.

Fall weeds are persistent, they can grow in sunny and shady parts of your yard, spread seeds, and grow quickly to choke out your grass. Without your help, the grass will die and the weeds will be fighting each other for dominance.

You won’t be able to stop the seeds from getting into your lawn, but you can keep them from germinating. How long has it been since you last applied a pre-emergent weed killer? If it’s an over-the-counter brand and it’s been more than a few months, you might need to reapply. If it’s one of our special blends and it’s been 3 months, it’s time for us to come spray again.
Either way, remember:

  1. Pre-emergent needs to be watered into the soil quickly. After treating your yard, give it about 2 inches of water, (15 min of water from a sprinkler).
  2. Do Not Apply Pre-Emergent Until Your Overseed Is Well Established! That means waiting 8 – 10 weeks, we usually add the pre-emergent with our 3rd fertilization, at the 10th week.

That should do the trick for a while, 3 months if we did it for you, guaranteed. But remember, pre-emergent weed control only affects un-germinated seeds. If there are weeds in your yard already, you’ll have to either pull them by hand or spray them with an over-the-counter spray. Again, we take care of them and guarantee it for 3 months when we come out.

If you are worried about the environmental, child, or pet safety of these chemicals, I recommend you have our team come out. Our treatments are specially blended to kill the weeds of the region and season without being dangerous to other plants or animals.

Enjoy the cool weather and the break from your lawn maintenance, and if you need a little help, we can help “Keep it Green.” Our passion is more than just growing – It’s keeping your landscape investment healthy for years to come.

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