Fall Weed Control Video

Want to win the game against the weeds in your yard this Fall? You’ve got the Home-Field advantage!

Fall weeds come up quickly and can get really annoying really fast. However, with Green Keeper’s fall weed control, you’ll have exactly what you need to stop them from taking over your yard. We bring both a good offense and a strong defense, including the following two best team players:

  • Pre-emergent herbicide
  • Post-emergent herbicide

If you bench those best players, you are bound to spend your time fighting for every yard of clean grass on your property. You might still be able to win the game, gaining ground slowly on your hands and knees as you pull weeds all weekend, but there’s a better way. The best way is with us, Green Keeper Weed Control. Our Herbicides are specifically formulated to deal with both the Fall and Winter weeds in the Valley. We use separate herbicides for rocks and grass, making the approach even more effective while also preserving your lawn.

Want help with your fall weed control? Green Keeper can help you keep your yard clean this Fall (or any time of the year!). Give us a call today at 480-895-5561 and sub us in!