Eastmark Weed Control

Desert landscaping and Eastmark Weed Control

Arizona weeds take no break between or during seasons. Our dry, desert soil prefers growing weeds instead of grass. Urban sprawl has turned miles of desert into cultivated yards, making weed control nearly impossible.

If you live in Eastmark weed control might be a sore subject… you’ve gone out with a weed killer spray only to be on your hands and knees pulling weeds the next week.

At Green Keeper we offer a formulated weed killer that is based on the type of soil and weeds native to Eastmark each growing season.

The formulated pre-emergent weed controller is prepared in a 200-gallon tank in the back of our trucks and when applied, it kills the seeds in the ground.

Next, a Green Keeper technician will walk through the rocks spraying, with a nozzle that is specifically calibrated to the walking pace of the technician, a post-emergent solution that kills the weeds already existing in the rocks.

After that, another post-emergent mixture is sprayed that kills your weeds without killing your grass.

Finally, after our technician leaves, you will have 14 days to activate the chemicals by applying about a ½ inch of water (30-minutes under a sprinkler) to carry the chemical into the soil where the seeds are hiding.

If something evades us, we offer a 6-month guarantee:

If any weeds do break the surface, we offer 2 free service calls and we will come out to deal with the problem.

Call us if anything comes up.