DIY Weed Control vs Weed Control Service

DIY vs Professional Weed Control

Along with the grass in your yard, you probably have some weeds here and there. It can be hard to get rid of weeds once they take a foothold, and the ideal option is to keep them from ever sprouting in your yard in the first place. Between keeping most of them out, and getting rid of the ones that show up, you might be wondering whether DIY weed control or a professional weed control service is the better choice. Here’s what to consider, so you can make the decision that’s right for your weeds…I mean needs.

Why Are Weeds Such a Pesky Problem?

Weeds can be a frustrating problem. They seem to pop up everywhere, even if you take great care of your lawn and yard. Monsoon winds, birds, and other creatures make their way across grassy areas, and they will leave seeds behind. Those seeds don’t always take root immediately, but when they do, you can end up with weeds growing unexpectedly in your rocks and grass. There are a lot of products out there and it may be hard to identify which is best for your needs.

Can You Get Rid of Weeds On Your Own?

Sometimes, you can get rid of weeds on your own. If you have a couple of tiny weeds growing in a flowerbed, rocks, or on the edge of your lawn, for example, it’s generally not that hard to pull them or treat them with a weed killer. You can also use landscape fabric under the soil in flower beds and around bushes and trees, to help stop weeds from growing there. Those options aren’t foolproof, though, and those pesky weeds can still infest your yard. You might be successful, or you could find yourself losing the battle.

Is It Really Less Expensive to Choose DIY Options?

Many people automatically think it’s less expensive to do their own weed control, instead of calling in a professional. Weed killers can be purchased at any big box store and they tend to work fine, but after a big storm, it may be hard to keep up with the fast-growing weeds. This is where applying pre-emergents makes the difference. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to purchase these products without a proper license and if you can find them, they often are sold in bulk sizes that a normal homeowner will never use up. Having a knowledgeable professional apply the proper pre-emergent will most likely cut down on your annual costs.

When Do You Need a Gilbert AZ Weed Control Service?

If you have weeds in your yard it can be nerve-racking to make sure you use the right products at the right time. Pre-emergent prevents germination of the seed and therefore prevents weeds from growing. These can be applied anytime and well-timed applications will provide year-round control. Pre-emergent services are often done in a desert landscape or granite areas, but can also be done on your lawn.  This can be frustrating, especially when trying to decide what products to use to only control the weeds, and not kill your beautiful grass. This may be a situation where you want to call the professionals. 

Do you have a big infestation of weeds in your yard, or do you have weeds that are resistant to standard treatments you can buy at the home improvement store? You may want to contact a weed control service to help. Working with professionals can help you get rid of weeds faster, and keep them gone longer which frees up time for you to do other things that are important to you, instead of battling weeds in your yard. With the right help, your yard will look great!