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Arizona’s Monsoon Season

How Arizona’s monsoon season effect on your lawn Arizona’s monsoon season came in early and came in hard this year! As dry as things have been for the last several months, the rain we’re expecting to see this season is desperately needed and potentially problematic… Monsoon Weed Control Because of the monsoon wind we’ve been experiencing, weed seeds have been spreading and are now lying in wait,...
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Preparing Your Lawn for Spring Weather

Spring is coming early this winter. Is your lawn ready for a warmer winter? It’s only January and your lawn already thinks that this warmer winter is the beginning of spring! So…looks like it’s time to start preparing your lawn for Spring. You’ll need to start feeding and watering it according to the weather and not the calendar. An important key to caring for your lawn in warmer...
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Fall Weed Control Video

Want to win the game against the weeds in your yard this Fall? You’ve got the Home-Field advantage! Fall weeds come up quickly and can get really annoying really fast. However, with Green Keeper’s fall weed control, you’ll have exactly what you need to stop them from taking over your yard. We bring both a good offense and a strong defense, including the following two best team...
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Weed Control Infographic

The two best ways to play your weed control There are really just 3 ways to fight weeds in your yard: You can pull them by hand You can kill spray them as they appear (Post-Emergent Herbicides) You can kill the seeds in the ground before they sprout (Pre-Emergent Herbicides) If you want to win the game against your weeds you need a strong defense and a strong offense, otherwise, the weeds will...
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How to Prevent HOA Letters

Don’t get Penalized by Your HOA Green Keeper Weed Control can help keep your HOA happy and your wallet even happier! Have you ever received a letter from your HOA referencing your need to get rid of the weeds in your yard within a certain timeframe or else you’ll receive a fine? Are you getting frustrated because you simply don’t have the time to stay on top of those weeds and...
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Winter Watering in the Desert

Rain, rain DON’T go away…but weeds please do! How Winter Watering in the Desert Works In most places, rain is depressing and ruins days, but when living in the desert, where the sun seems to never go away, rain is always a time to celebrate. This past winter, Arizona has been getting quite a bit of rain and it’s been nothing but great. However, with as much rain as Arizona has been...
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