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Monsoon Tree and Shrub Care

Arizona Monsoon Tree and Shrub Care In Arizona, our opinion of monsoon wind and rain is generally based on the amount of dirt and damage it may or may not blow our way. You might be on the outer edge of the storm and get just enough of the wind and rain to have tan desert sand stuck to your car like monsoon polka-dots. If so, you’re probably mildly annoyed and will be making a trip to the car...
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Queen Palm Tree Care

Care for your Queen Palm like royalty with Queen Palm tree care. For many years, Queen Palms have been used for quick shade, screening, and a lush tropical accent across the valley. They are used in several landscape designs, are very clean and easy to grow. Queen Palms originally came from Brazil and Argentina. Today, they can be found in the western part of the U.S. where winter temperatures...
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Taking Care of Trees in the Summer

A simple guide to summer tree care. As it’s probably obvious, summers in Arizona can be extremely harsh on your trees and it may take a lot to keep them healthy. To keep them from becoming infested, sick with a disease, or get destroyed in a summer storm, follow these guidelines to ensure proper summer tree care. Yard Inspection Checking your trees for warning signs of diseases and/or...
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Planting and Pruning Your Landscape for Spring

Ready to Start Planting and Pruning Your Landscape for Spring? It’s time to begin planting and pruning again as the new season approaches. Winter is coming to a quick end as desert temperatures start climbing up the thermometer and cozy jackets become lighter sweaters. For the past few months, trees and shrubs have needed to be covered during the chilly nights and carefully watched. With the...
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3 Tips on Caring for Your Winter Garden in Arizona

Gardening is a favorite pastime for many people in Arizona and we have a climate that makes it possible to cultivate a garden all year long. Winter in Arizona does have a cold spell that consists of approximately two weeks where the temperature drops below freezing at night. If you happen to live in higher elevations, temperatures can be colder during the day as well, leading to some gardening...
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Shrub and Tree Fertilization

Spring is Here…Time for some Shrub and Tree Fertilization Even with our mild winters, we sure are glad when the weather starts to warm up again!  As spring settles upon us here in the valley our yards begin to come back to life.  Starting now, before our weather gets back to record highs, you can get your little haven ready for a beautiful summer with shrub and tree fertilization.  Green...
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