Basics of Lawn Care in Arizona

Lawncare Tips for the Desert The desert climate of Arizona can pose challenges for lawn care. Knowing about common soils and grasses, as well as

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Monsoon Tree and Shrub Care

Arizona Monsoon Tree and Shrub Care In Arizona, our opinion of monsoon wind and rain is generally based on the amount of dirt and damage

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Arizona’s Monsoon Season

How Arizona’s monsoon season affects your lawn Arizona’s monsoon season came in early and came in hard this year! As dry as things have been

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Preparing Your Yard for Spring

It’s Just Around the Corner… Have You Prepared Your Yard for Spring? Spring in Arizona can vary in temperatures from the mid 50’s to the

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Fall Weed Control Video

Want to win the game against the weeds in your yard this Fall? You’ve got the Home-Field advantage! Fall weeds come up quickly and can

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Weed Control Infographic

The two best ways to play your weed control There are really just 3 ways to fight weeds in your yard: You can pull them

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