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Common Lawn Weeds in Arizona

There’s nothing quite like a green, lush lawn and the feel of bare feet on soft grass. But a great lawn doesn’t come overnight — it takes work. And part of keeping a great lawn is ensuring that it’s free of weeds. All it takes is one small weed to spawn others, and if you don’t act quickly, it won’t be long before they overtake your lawn. Lawn weeds are common...
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How to Prevent Weeds in Your Arizona Lawn

Want to Prevent Weeds in Your Arizona Lawn? No matter where you live in the country, weeds can be a persistent problem for gardeners, property owners, and even the wider community. They mar smooth sidewalks, choke flowers, and generally make for unattractive spaces. As you already know, getting rid of weeds in your Arizona lawn can be a difficult task, so if you can have tools to prevent them in...
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Pesky Winter Weeds in Arizona

Are your winter weeds getting out of control? During the winter months, you will probably notice your lawn change significantly. For example, your lawn will become brown as it enters winter dormancy. You will also probably observe an overgrowth of weeds. Unfortunately, these pesky winter weeds in Arizona can be very difficult to remove, especially if you don’t have help or the right...
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Basics of Lawn Care in Arizona

The desert climate of Arizona can pose challenges for lawn care. Knowing about common soils and grasses, as well as how to plan for each season, can help you to have a lush, healthy lawn. Arizona’s soil has three layers The first two layers of soil — surface and subsurface — are coarsest and contain organic matter to hold water and nutrients. The third layer, called subsoil, is...
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Monsoon Tree and Shrub Care

Arizona Monsoon Tree and Shrub Care In Arizona, our opinion of monsoon wind and rain is generally based on the amount of dirt and damage it may or may not blow our way. You might be on the outer edge of the storm and get just enough of the wind and rain to have tan desert sand stuck to your car like monsoon polka-dots. If so, you’re probably mildly annoyed and will be making a trip to the car...
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