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Monsoon Tree and Shrub Care

Arizona Monsoon Tree and Shrub Care In Arizona, our opinion of monsoon wind and rain is generally based on the amount of dirt and damage it may or may not blow our way. If you’re on the outer edge of the storm and get just enough of the wind and rain to have tan desert sand stuck to your car like monsoon polka-dots, you’re probably mildly annoyed and will be making a trip to the car wash. If...
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Arizona’s Monsoon Season

How Arizona’s monsoon season effect on your lawn Arizona’s monsoon season came in early and came in hard this year! As dry as things have been for the last several months, the rain we’re expecting to see this season is desperately needed and potentially problematic… Monsoon Weed Control Because of the monsoon wind we’ve been experiencing, weed seeds have been spreading and are now lying in wait,...
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How to Water Your Lawn in Arizona Each Month

When and How to Water Your Lawn in Arizona Recently moved to Arizona and aren’t sure how much water you need to water your grass? Here are a few tips and a month-to-month watering guide to ensure you’re doing it correctly. Most homes in Arizona have lawns that need specific maintenance and care. Unlike other climates around the nation, in the desert, we only have two seasons for grass: Winter...
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Everything You Need to Know About Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a popular grass in Arizona. Find out why… Bermuda grass is found in climates and countries around the world. It is a perennial warm-weather grass, which means it grows back every year during the late spring through the summer months. Bermuda grass also requires full and direct sunlight and good drainage. The best time to plant Bermuda grass, specifically in Arizona, is in...
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Preparing Your Yard for Spring

It’s Just Around the Corner… Have You Prepared Your Yard for Spring? Spring in Arizona can vary in temperatures from the mid 50’s to the low 100’s! To make sure that your yard is ready for the warmer weather, it would be best to do a little work, preparing your yard for spring, before the winter temperatures begin to climb. Here are 3 tips for preparing your yard for spring: Tidy up...
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