Sun Lakes Weed Control and your Desert Landscape

Sun Lakes weed control is difficult because beautiful desert landscapes take a lot more work than you might think. Most people think that having a desert front or backyard requires very little work since there’s no watering or mowing needed, which on paper, seems like all you really have to do with desert landscaping is spray weed control on your rocks. However, Sun Lakes weed control can be just as difficult as lawn care. Unlike most places where weeds grow in certain seasons, Arizona has weeds growing all year long.

Because weeds grow all year long, there are two options Arizonans can do to tame their weeds…

Fighting weeds by yourself or calling in a professional from Green Keeper.

While taming weeds on your own may seem like the easiest way to go, it isn’t, and the results never last. Call us at Green Keeper, not only do you get to stay in your air-conditioned home, but we use the best weed killing sprays that are actually formulated by our horticulturist. Our technicians are also well-trained on making sure every square inch of the landscape is sprayed. Our spray nozzles are even specifically calibrated to the walking pace of it’s assigned a technician to ensure that our formulas don’t miss a thing.

At Green Keeper, we are confident that our mixtures and methods will kill the weeds and keep them dead for 6-months. We are so confident that if on the off chance something does start to sprout, we offer 2 free service calls per 6-month guarantee.

Note: Weeds and unwanted plants are not the same things. Shrub seedlings and tree suckers grow in spite of our weed spray so, we use a separate formula to deal with these.

So call us if anything comes up.

Available throughout the Phoenix Metro area

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