3 Seasonal Tips for the End of the Summer

Preparing For the End of Summer

As the end of the summer fast approaches, it is time to look forward to the mild temperatures and outdoor activities of the fall.  Don’t let all of the hard work you put into your lawn during the triple-digit heat go to waste!  Planning ahead and putting forth a little effort now can help you get your yard prepared for fall & ryegrass overseeding if you choose to do that.


Aerating your lawn involves using a machine to pull out little plugs of soil from your yard.  This relieves soil compaction and is a vital element in your plan to have a beautiful yard.  When these soil plugs are removed, the ground becomes less dense thus allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the lawn. An Aeration now will help improve drainage for the ryegrass seed and it will germinate better if it’s not “underwater” for part of the day.


Keeping your grass short, without destroying the thatch of your lawn, will allow sunlight and water to be absorbed by the soil.  Bermuda grass goes dormant in the fall and winter but will reemerge when temperatures get high enough again in the late spring.  Despite the appearance of the yard, the grass roots are still alive and it is important to continue mowing to allow that essential light and water to be absorbed.  Mowing after aerating will also help to break up the plugs of dirt pulled from your yard.


The fall is a great time to fertilize your lawn.  Even if you are not planning to overseed with winter grass, your dormant grass still needs the nutrients it receives from the fertilizer; it grows deep, lasting roots that will store those vital nutrients to be used next growing season, when conditions are again favorable.

Give your lawn a head-start with these fall tips.  The weather is nice and working in your yard is finally pleasant again!  With minimal effort at this pivotal season change, you will nurture your lawn and reap the benefits.  And if you need a little guidance, let us here at Green Keeper give you a hand.

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