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Green Keeper is Arizona’s weed control and lawn care company. Since 1988, we’ve helped keep lawns greener, trees stronger and the weeds at bay.

Is Your Yard Begging for Help?

  • If the rocks in your desert landscaping are filled with weeds, we’ll kill the ones you can see and the seeds and sprouts that you can’t.
  • If your lawn is more weeds than grass, we can destroy the weeds without harming the grass.
  • If your grass won’t grow, we can coax it back to life.
  • If your Queen Palm is yellowing and dying, we can revive it, even if it is at death’s door.

All of our methods are orchestrated by our horticulturist and founder. Our pre-emergent and post-emergent sprays are blended specifically to match the weeds that grow in your area, as well as the time of year and your landscaping style. Everything is taken into consideration, even the sprayer nozzles our technicians use are calibrated to their walking speed and sweep rate.

Our work is guaranteed and we offer 2 free service calls in case something comes up unexpectedly before our next scheduled spraying. Just give us a call.

We can help “Keep it Green.” Our passion is more than just growing – It’s keeping your landscape investment healthy for years to come.

Some services Green Keeper provides
Lawn Care

Green Keeper provides the following lawn care services:

  • Lawn Weed Control
  • Lawn Programs
  • Core Aeration
  • Misc. Lawn problems

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Weed Control

bouquet of spring weedsDesert Landscaping is an easy way to keep your yard up, here in the Valley. It’s inexpensive, no feeding it, no watering it and no need to buy gardening tools to keep it up. Weed control is all it really needs, to keep from growing weeds in our rocks.

Weed control in Mesa can be difficult, our soil is perfect for growing weeds. Different weeds grow in different seasons, we have so many different weeds that when one season ends another begins. Weeds upon weeds, we don’t get an offseason.


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Sprinkler Repair

Experiencing problems with your lawn? Need a watering schedule that maximizes lawn vigor yet conserves water in this arid climate? Have you noticed symptoms such as dry or brown spots? Do you have sprinkler heads that appear clogged or not functioning properly?

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