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Gilbert Weed Control


Desert Landscaping with Gilbert Weed Control Specialists

Gilbert Weed ControlHaving a desert landscape in Gilbert, Arizona means little to no maintenance since there is not much watering, mowing, or any other type of yard maintenance. Gilbert weed control can be tough, we provide easy yard maintenance, the town, unfortunately, gets a lot of weeds.

In Arizona, weeds don’t have an offseason. The only way to get rid of them is with the help of weed killer sprays that often don’t work. Thankfully, at Green Keeper has been serving the Valley of the Sun since 1988.

At Green Keeper, we have a horticulturist that makes a special formula to get rid of those weeds for a 6-months at a time. The formula is prepared in 200-gallon tanks that are placed on the back of our trucks for our well-trained technicians to use. With the formula, our technicians use a spray nozzle that is calibrated to their walking pace to ensure your entire front and/or backyard is sprayed entirely. Once both the pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killers are sprayed, you have 14-days to water for 30 minutes (½ inch) to activate the chemicals.

At Green Keeper we are so confident in our formula that we offer a 6-month guarantee and if things start to sprout up, we offer 2 free service calls.

NOTE: Weeds and other unwanted plants are not the same. If other plants are sprouting up, we most likely have another formula to tame them

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