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Spring Cleaning for Your Lawn and Garden

Spring is short and there’s a lot to do to get your yard ready for summer! We’ve had a pretty nice winter, a little rain, cool temperatures and beautiful healthy plants and grass taking advantage of the weather. Sadly for them, winter is over and all those mild weather plants will need to be replaced with stronger desert vegetation. Everything from your lawn to your flowers and shrubs...
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Pruning and Planting for the 2015 Growing Season

Welcome to the spring planting season! I know that the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but in Arizona that’s about as important as “Daylight Savings”. The weather is still on the mild side, and there may be a few more evenings that you’ll need to cover up your shrubs and trees, but if you want those trees and plants to last through our burning summer, you’ll need to...
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Preventing Frost and Freezing

3 Ways to Protect Your Plants Against Frost and Freezing Its winter and it’s been cold at night, which will keep happening for a while longer. The problem is that our plants are made for hot dry weather, they don’t do well in cold weather. So, what’s the problem? Frost and freezing. Frost Frost is caused by temperature and moisture combining, like dew, then solidifying in crystals on your...
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