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3 Steps to Growing Healthy Bermudagrass

Growing Healthy Bermudagrass is in Arizona Requires These 3 Steps… There is an obvious difference between alive and healthy bermudagrass. Bermudagrass, in all of its varieties, will stay alive regardless of sun or rain… or more sun. Bermudagrass tends to deal with excessive heat by drying out, turning brown and becoming dormant. If you’ve noticed this in your lawn, the good...
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Growing Bermudagrass

Thinking About Planting Bermudagrass? Growing bermudagrass is about as hard as ignoring your dirt for a week. Here in Arizona we have the perfect conditions for this high heat, full sun, and hard to kill grass. If we didn’t love having thick comfortable green lawns, this would be an insidious plague on our landscape! Bermudagrass is hard to kill, it spreads as vines and seeds and is quite...
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