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Winter Weed Control

Winter Weed Control that can Last the Whole Season September was hot and wet! After the flooding receded the valley began to bloom… and not just the trees and shrubs. Weeds as far as the eye can see! Weeds in the desert and in town, weeds in rocks and weeds in grass. One day the lawn was waterlogged, the next it was full of bush sized weeds! Weed control takes on a whole new meaning when the...
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Fall Weed Control

It’s Officially Fall! The days are getting shorter, cooler and more bearable for you and your lawn. You’ve overseed your lawn with perennial ryegrass, now you’ll just have to mow it every 2-3 weeks. This can be the easiest time of year or the hardest, depending on your Fall weed control. Like all plants, different things grow at different times of the year, hence the overseeding you...
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Overseeding with Perennial Ryegrass

Overseeding Your Lawn with Winter Rye We’re coming up on autumn, though I know it doesn’t feel like it, soon it will be time to plant your winter lawn. The best time to plant your winter grass seed is the first two weeks of October, when the Evening temperature drops down to 65 degrees and stays there. The process is called overseeding, because you cut down your bermudagrass and seed...
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3 Steps to Growing Healthy Bermudagrass

Growing Healthy Bermudagrass is in Arizona Requires These 3 Steps… There is an obvious difference between alive and healthy bermudagrass. Bermudagrass, in all of its varieties, will stay alive regardless of sun or rain… or more sun. Bermudagrass tends to deal with excessive heat by drying out, turning brown and becoming dormant. If you’ve noticed this in your lawn, the good...
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Growing Bermudagrass

Thinking About Planting Bermudagrass? Growing bermudagrass is about as hard as ignoring your dirt for a week. Here in Arizona we have the perfect conditions for this high heat, full sun, and hard to kill grass. If we didn’t love having thick comfortable green lawns, this would be an insidious plague on our landscape! Bermudagrass is hard to kill, it spreads as vines and seeds and is quite...
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